Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week 30

Still enjoying hole life to the fullest... lol. The guards laugh that I'd rather be here, locked down all the time (only come out 1 hr. every other day) but they don't understand my reasoning. Yeah, I hated having cellies but really, I'm scared of something happening and me having to defend myself and hurting someone. THe guards say if it went down like that it'd be "self defense" and I'd be okay but I have ZERO faith in the justice system. Especially considering that I'm here for "defending myself." On the "main-line" I was in constant fear of something happening and me catching another case. In the hole, there is no chance of that at all, so I'm happy to spend these last 5 months here. They tried to move me back to the mainline the other day and I kindly refused. Not much they can do seeing as the maximum punishment here is the hole. I don't think they've ever really encountered someone refusing additional freedom... lol.

Anyway, the "shot caller" here is an active member of the Aryan Brotherhood, which if you don't know, is the highest level a White inmate can obtain. These dudes literally worship him, it's amusing. Always funny too is how guys like him are the most quiet & humbles dudes here, while all the wannabe knuckleheads never shut the fuck up. He recently spent 12 years in the SHU of Pelican Bay & Corcoran, crazy right? He was only free 3 months and now goin back for a minimum of 3 years. He's taken a liking to me, I'm sure a lot to do with my profession, but also because I don't annoy him with constant ass kissing and he can come to my door and just talk about whatever. In our talks I see the same common theme that I see in all the "OG's" I've met in the system, it's all B.S. and they wasted their lives aspiring to be top dog in the prison world. All these young guys won't hear it though, to them becoming a member of The Mexican Mafia or The Aryan Brotherhood is like me winning the UFC title or something.

Oh, also as I mentioned/complained about, "sounding off" at breakfast & nighttime, I have come to understand it. First thing when one of the "Woods" realized I was new in the module, they apologized for not including me right away. Really, I guess it's just a way for you to know you're not alone and a group of men are here with you sharing in the passing months of solitary. Also, the guys in the hole are less lame than the main-line big mouths, the guys here are here for a reason, they're doers, not just bags of hot air. Which doesn't matter in real life cuz this way of life is no way of life at all, but at least I don't have to hear so much fake bad ass talk.

And oh shit, check this out, my boy said he sent me 4 books like 4 months ago, but I only received 2. Today I went to this skinhead from London's cell and asked to borrow a book. He hands me "Lone Survivor" and I think, "Cool that's one of the books I was supposed to have received, now I can read it." I get in my cell and fucking A! My name and booking # are in marker on the book! WTF!? I was at the other jail when I was supposed to receive it and when you get a book sent in, the guards hand deliver it to you & give you a receipt. Only 2 possibilities. 1) The Deps stole it and read it instead of giving it to me, then put it in one of the lil' library carts, or 2) A "trustee" stole it out of the mail downtown and then brought it to this facility. Either way, what are the odds it'd wind up in my hands!? Fuckin' trip! I read the book in 2 days and it was pretty darn good, crazy story. Was a lot better than "Robert's Ridge," that book sucked. Whenever I read these type of Navy SEAL books, I like to ask my SEAL buddies about them. They always know way more of the story and any SEAL gossip behind it. I have my suspicions about the Survivor but I wanna see what my boys say.

Anyway, I'm bummed that Vitor lost, but happy Forrest Griffin won, I thought Franklin might beat him. I trained with Forrest & Vitor in Vegas for a year and both were realy cool guys. I finally started working out! Every day since coming to the hole. I'm horribly outta shape but doing pull-ups, pushups, jump squats, lunges, pretend jump rope and shadow boxing. I'm confident I'll keep the regiment up here, before I was too irritated at having a celly and to be honest, self-conscious. to let anyone see a "professional athlete" struggle through basic fucking exercises. LMAO! Fuck man, I've never been so outta shape, I didn't think it was possible. Every day I'm progressing though. I'll be back.

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